A Proven Methodology Delivering Actionable Market Insights

Our market research and data analysis teams are proficient in a range of secondary and primary data gathering techniques and possess the analytical, functional and industry-specific expertise necessary to translate evidence into detailed market monitoring and actionable insight for our clients.

Our proven methodology is based on classical, empirical industrial market research techniques, incorporating methods of both primary and secondary data collection processes.


Secondary Market Research

  Our analysts make use of an extensive range of secondary research sources including internal and external databases, market reports, company reports & financials, official country statistics and other publications.   We then draw out key themes and develop base hypotheses to be tested during our interview program.

Primary Market Research

  We specialize in structured and unstructured interviews with a wide range of participants, including manufacturers, distributors and end users.   Our interviews are designed to engage the interviewee in a general discussion to capture qualitative and quantitative market data and feedback.
  All of our primary research is conducted on a confidential basis, and no information is attributed to individual sources.

Market Analysis

  Markets are constantly evolving in terms of complexity as the number of drivers affecting the markets grow, including such topics as economic uncertainty, fluctuating construction output and changing legislation.   Through our in-depth analysis, we aim to consider a wide range of market drivers from a holistic approach, using multiple data sources and analytical tools.